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Where the Olympic History was Made:

Washington University

The first Olympic gold medal was awarded at Francis Field. According to historic records, Julius Lenhart, USA, would be the first Olympic gold-medalist for All-Around Gymnastics. Wilhelm Weber, Germany and Adolf Spinnler, Switzerland took silver and bronze respectively. Boxing, Wrestling, Weightlifting and the Decathlon made their debut at the Olympic Stadium and Gymnasium on Washington University’s campus.

Forest Park

Diving made its Olympic debut at Forest Park. Swimming, Diving and Water Polo events were held at a temporary, open-water facility near Lagoon Drive and Skinker. 

Creve Coeur Lake

Site of Rowing events. Temporary grandstands and reports list 5,000 spectators to watch the events. Some accounts mention a German team from Berlin participating, but that is in doubt. 

Glen Echo Country Club

Site of the Golf events. Glen Echo was one of the first golf courses in the world to have electric lighting on the course. Glen Echo is the oldest Olympic site to still see daily, active use.

Marathon Route

Pictured in the map above, the 1904 Marathon route was one of the most challenging events in Olympic history. With heat, dust, endless hills and lack of hydration, the Marathon is famous—or infamous—for testing the limits of human endurance at the time. James Sullivan, US Olympic organizer, witnessed the Marathon events in Athens 1896 and Paris 1900. He wished to abolish the event on the grounds it was too taxing and inhumane.

Olympic Marathon route

Sites of the III Olympiad in St. Louis


The St. Louis Olympic Committee is committed to a multi-phase plan to develop a platform to spread and nurture the ideals of Olympism in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.


Honoring the Sites of the Games

Olympic history is all around us. In parks we visit, streets we drive, places very familiar to all St. Louisans.

First is to recognize the sites and people of the Olympic Games. This includes telling their stories—their importance, their triumphs and struggles—to encourage and inspire the people of St. Louis today.

  • Marathon Route

  • Francis Field 

  • Forest Park

  • Glen Echo Country Club

  • Creve Coeur Lake

Create a Platform for Community Involvement. 

We desire St. Louis to become a city known for America’s First Olympic Games and its future generations of Olympic athletes.

As host of the 1904 Olympics, St. Louis is a proud member of

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