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Welcome to the St. Louis Olympic Legacy Committee. 

As the city that hosted America’s First Olympic Games, the birthplace of the Olympic Gold Medal, and the city that debuted Olympic diving, freestyle wrestling, boxing, and the decathlon, among many other firsts, we are excited and honored to properly embrace and celebrate St. Louis’ Olympic Legacy and carry this torch for future generations.


As a Member of the World Union of Olympic Cities and St. Louis’ representative to the United States Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee, it is our goal to ignite the passion and Olympic spirit throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.


Discover the people, events and innovations of

America’s first Olympic Games.


A multi-phase plan to spread, engage and
nurture the ideals of Olympism in St. Louis.


Understanding the myths, falsehoods and urban legends surrounding the 1904 Olympic Games


St. Louis area Olympians

The first Olympic Games in the New World would produce a profound and permanent result, shaping every Olympic Games to come. Such keen interest as America had in the Olympic movement hadn't spread very far from the east athletic clubs and universities that had produced most of the American Olympians—indeed it had not crossed the Appalachians.

St. Louis would change that.

Carl Posy

The Olympic Century Volume 4

As host of the 1904 Olympics, St. Louis is a proud member of the

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